About Us

About us

Twenty years ago I decided to begin Homeschooling my children. I have always been an eclectic Home Schooler - searching the world for the very best resources and programs for each of my children. Consequently, due to the very different natures of my four children, I now have a whole house full of resources. I have valued my own homeschool community and the generous sharing of resources, ideas and problem-solving.

For many years I have been teaching Writing Classes for children in my local Home School community. I have also been writing documents for Registration for many families. It is my pleasure now to have the opportunity to develop these ideas online to share with the wider homeschooling community.

Below are some details about myself and our staff... 


Karen Willson

Karen is our Director and the dreamer of Simply Homeschool - she dreams up all the work everyone else should be doing! Karen is also the imagination behind most of our Core Programs. Her favourite Dr Suess is 'Let's have a little talk about Tweetle Beetles.'

Karen has been Simply Homeschooling her kids for 20 years (with 3 adult graduates) and currently homeschools her youngest with parts of all the Core Programs she is writing.

Karen Willson
Liz Inman

Liz Inman

Liz assists Queenslanders to register and report using Simply Homeschool and writes any biblical content for core programs. She has been homeschooling for a couple of years and loves the freedom and flexibility that Simply Homeschool allows in following our natural curiosity and learning about things that matter.

Liz loves questions, horses, glitter and lists. Her favourite Simply Homeschool book is 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'.

Rachel Pengilly

Rachel is the Performing Arts core writer, but also loves incorporating English and History. A dramatic person through and through, she loves all things creative. Rachel was homeschooled until Year 4.

While it’s impossible to pick a favourite book, one of her favourites is Winnie the Pooh. 

Rachel Pengilly


Lisa loves sharing the wonderful world of art and design in Simply Homeschool Core Programs. Enjoying the creative process is very important, so she also recruits her 5 quality control officers to rigorously test activities.

Lisa has also illustrated over a dozen books for children of all ages. You'll find some in Just Good Books!

Fiona Morphett

Fiona is the business strategy and marketing guru for Simply Homeschool. She loves an excel spreadsheet, particularly if it is colour coded.

Fiona’s kids have been the testers for the Creative Phonics Core Programs and her favourite Dr Seuss book is Fox in Sox.


Josie Brand

Josie is our talented and very experienced homeschool Grandma! When her fourth child went to school she went to university to study Special Education. Her first job was teaching children to read who weren't reading under the school system. When school readers didn't work she turned to Dr Suess! A pioneer in the field of homeschooling she developed reading programs for kids who didn't "fit in" to the school system over 25 years ago. She is the brains behind our amazing Creative Phonics programs. 

Josie loves the "Diary of a Wombat" books, but doesn't think she would like to have a wombat as a pet.