I cannot express how grateful I am to Karen Willson and the SH team for developing ‘Write in Colour’ and all the SH content. Breaking down writing into a simple process by listing nouns of the bird’s environment and then thinking of interesting adjectives and verbs to correspond with them, in a word bank, takes the mystery out of beautiful writing. It becomes like building blocks you place on or near others to BUILD good sentences. I am excited to see where ‘Write in Colour’ will take my kids in the future. ❤️ A thousand ‘thank you’s, Karen. ❤️


My kids have been homeschooled all their life and since we started Simply Homeschool a few months ago it's the first time ever they have begged to do school and want to keep going when the lesson is done. I wish it was around when they were younger


Karen from Simply Homeschool has been amazing. I’ve been so anxious about everything as we start our homeschooling journey but Karen has been there every step of the way. Without Karen I don’t think I could have done this. All the lessons and resources! Everything you need in one place. Thankyou Karen


Wow since the moment I spoke to Karen the journey to becoming registered has been simply amazing! From the professional response, the core programs, the price (so affordable when you have a couple of kids) and the assistance with the registration process! Had my NSW registration approved today and the AP was very impressed with every thing I provided! Thank you very much
Dr Seuss


Couldn’t be happier with the service from Simply Homeschool. So much care and attention went into making sure we understood the product and how to use it. Very individualised and provides a great way to record learning as well. Covers all areas of the curriculum without being ‘school like’. Haven’t come across anything else like ‘Simply Homeschool’!


My 14yo daughter just started this program and I am blown away by her enthusiasm to learn! She used to do nothing and had no interest at all!! Now my 12 yo son would like to start his home schooling journey too. Thanks so much for this amazing program!!


Simply homeschool makes it so easy. the units are awesome and flexible. My daughter loves homeschool and is learning to do so many things she never learnt at school.


So far so good, just about to start day 1 of using Simply Homeschool. It took a lot of research as I didn’t really want to sign up for a paid curriculum. But SHS allows me to teach my 3 children at the same time, ages 6-9, is affordable and has great support, and above all else doesn’t bring the schoolroom into my house. So fingers crossed, but 5 stars so far ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Omg what can I say about this incredible lady! I seriously couldn’t have done it without this lady’s support and help. Karen has done a beautiful job with the registration paperwork I needed and with guiding me into this journey. I cannot thank this lady enough for what she has done. I would recommend Karen to anybody! I was kind of freaking out with the whole application, and then the AP visit, and Karen kept telling me, “You can do this!” And what do we know - we did it! Thank you once again for your help and support. I have one very happy boy right now. Look forward to working with you and using your program through our journey.


Thank you Karen! We've been really enjoying Simply Homeschool lessons! I feel like it's the way homeschool should be - sitting down together with a good book and having meaningful discussions about the real world then applying it in a useful way.


Just spoke to Karen on the phone and signed up straight away. Super excited to start!


Thankyou simply homeschooling for helping me get started on our home educating journey. Karen Thank you for all your support and I’m looking forward to doing the learning plan which is really affordable and fun and a great way to learn. I had no idea how to begin homeschooling my child and with your simply homeschooling plan now we are set! The AP was impressed how the syllabus is all linked into the fun subjects and books and I’m so happy I found you! You have made our lives happier and done great research into your simply homeschooling learning plans! Thanks so much Let the adventure begin! I think more people should simply homeschool!


We love everything about Simply Homeschool.! The programs are hands on, interesting, fun, integrate learning areas, easy to use for multiple age groups and based around great affordable literature. And it’s very affordable. Simply Homeschool has made planning so much easier for me and reduced my workload and burn-out to nil! The Simply Homeschool team are so approachable and helpful. Thanks so much Karen and your awesome team 😊😊😊