Creating a Homeschool Plan

Creating a Homeschool Plan

Fiona Morphett / 3 November 2019

Some people don't need a plan. They are happy to go with the flow, do what comes and that suits them and their family. Other families do need a plan. I like lists, and I like ticking things off so a schedule works for me.

I love homeschooling for the flexibility it gives - for the ability to create my own curriculum and to throw my plan to the winds on days where it doesn't work. Creating a curriculum or a homeschool plan can feel daunting but below I have given you some tips on how to create one easily. 

1. Subjects

First of all, it is a good idea to check the state requirements for your Key Learning Areas (subjects) and how many are required. Divide a blank page blocks and write a Key Learning Area as a heading for each box.

2. Activities

Write in the boxes all of the things you already do. Do you go to the park? Do you do a sport? Dancing? Cook? All of these things will fit under one or more of your Key Learning Activities. Add each activity to every relevant Key Learning Area. Eg Cooking is reading and food tech and science.

Think about all of the things you would like to do. Any movies or documentaries you would like to watch? Add these into the boxes too. 

3. Excursions

What excursions are you planning that you can add to your boxes? Are there excursions that you would like to do in your local community or with your local homeschool community? Add in holidays that you plan to take.

4. Books

Books can go in your plan too and this includes audiobooks, your library plus your local library. List individual titles in each relevant box. All reading is English.

5. Future Building

Think about the things your child is passionate about and how to fit these into your plan. For high school children, this can include things like getting their driving license or a first-aid certificate. 

6. Fill in the Gaps

This is where Simply Homeschool helps. Choose programs that fill in the gaps that you have. Choose Core Programs and Just Good Books to add to each Key Learning Area to create a rich and interesting Learning Plan.


If you need some tips for how to create a homeschool schedule check out Hustle & Homeschool's Homeschool Schedule

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